She will bring the world to me.

After reading some of the Carmina Gadelica, a large set of blessings for things, it was our assignment to write our own blessing. The point as I saw it was to take something that is a part of our everyday lives that is important and to write something that shows that it is important and makes the person saying the blessing remember why it is important. It is supposed to make you look at it freshly each day. Here is my blessing.

She will bring the world to me
To my eyes and fingertips
She will house my memories
Pictures from old relationships
And videos that make me laugh
And songs that can make me cry
And other things longsince forgotten
And through it all it comes that I

Will keep her cables orderly
Will keep her insides free of dust
Will keep her monitor smudgeless
Will keep her keyboard free of crust
Or crumb of bread or drop of milk
And though this takes its toll I must
Remember how it came to be
That she will bring the world to me