Would you like Friars with that?

I think I have just accidentally written the next movie to be directed and possibly starred-in by the Wayans brothers:

Clergy by day, fry cooks by night, two brothers are trying to get their lives straightened out so that they can quit the church and open their own small-time greasy spoon. All the while, as they work at the local 24-hour [cough] um…Lenny’s, they council the broken-hearted and disparaged wait staff and third-shift regulars. Through their experience, even as they almost realize their goal of starting their own restaurant, they come to actually realize (you see what I did there?) that what makes them really happy in life is not the food, it’s the help that they give to others. It’s a real tear-jerker there at the end, let me tell you what.

Ok, so I made most of that up on the spot just so it would fit this horrible and clever title that came to me one day: Deep Friars. You get it?

I guess it’s a good thing this movie will never actually be made.