Settling, for or against?

You’ve read those books, right? The ‘for-or-against?’ series? Point-counterpoint is just so much fun, I’ve decided to make a new one. Granted, you don’t have to write an essay or anything, but you should definitely post a comment with your opinions/arguments for and against settling.

Point #1: Always settle. You never know when something better will come along, but who knows-you might already have it. To give up what you already have for the hope of something better would just be foolish, and you would be begging to be let down.

Come on Aaron and Ryan, I know you have your opinions, let’s hear ’em. And the same goes for everyone else, too: show me what you think. Or just make up something funny. Either way write something.

13 thoughts on “Settling, for or against?

  1. Never Settle? Who ever said that….if you have it now, or maybe something that resembles what you want, or even someone who when you close your eyes kinda feels like what you want…that probably as good as you can ever do you pathetic loser, so just do it! SETTLE

  2. If you are not happy with your current state of living then why not shoot for something better. Even if you you don’t mind what you currently have, life is about risk, and that risk of being happy just might be worth it.

  3. What if you don’t really know what you are looking for? Should you just settle with what you have until you have a better idea of what you truly want?

  4. What is settling anyway? Is it just saying you will deal with what you have, and just not care with what might be next?? Geez, I dont think the question is to settle or not at all, its whether or not to deal with what life brings along for you. Truly, if your not content with what you have now, you won’t be happy if you get what you want for later either, because then, there will just be something else that you want, and you will just be asking yourself this same stupid question again. Finding contentment in the now, but hoping for the future is where you should be. Not the hope of, I hope i get this thing and im gonna ignore everything else that I Have, but the hope that and faith that this isnt everything there is to life. There is always more, dammit, your only flippin 19, or 20 is it? eitherway little marky, you have no clue what life really is. You havent even begun the journey, of life itself or of knowing what life is. Laters

  5. Point #3: Always settle. Anything else would be more work, and that’s just inefficient.

  6. Point #1: I agree with Panda. He sums it up pretty well. Life is what you take from it; and if you are happy with where you are, then that’s awesome. If you’re not, and you think you can do better, then at least you have something to work for. If you’re not happy and you’re ok with that, because you’re too afraid to actually take a step forward and see what you’re truly capable of; well that’s quite alright too. All I’m saying is: it’s your life, live it the way you choose. If you’re asking my personal opinion for my life, then I’d have to say – when I have something that I truly like and that makes me happy, I’ll do anything to keep it. If I think that something in my life is not beneficial I’ll work on adjusting it so that it is. And if something is going against me I’ll do everything in my power to eliminate or avoid said problem.

    Point #2 is irrelevant and you know it. Tolerance of people of race, creed, culture, etc… has absolutely nothing to do with settling for different things in your life. The only way this would really apply would be if had a relationship with a person of another (race, creed, culture, etc…) and you were somehow bothered by that fact alone. Next point.

    Point #3 is stupid. More work does not necessarily equal inefficiency. Inefficiency is merely the poor management of said work. So really – if something was more work, then it’d really be a matter of how well you managed the work that needed to be done for said improvement. If the work that was done was inefficient, you’d really only have yourself to blame.

    Point #4: ‘To settle or not to settle.’ This is a stupid question to ask. Either you know what you want out of life, or you don’t. Having a point by point argument on a blog is not going to dramatically change your outlook on life. Really what you should be asking yourself in the long run is ‘Why do I live?’ You should ask yourself what’s so important in this short existence in the universe that makes you want to be you? What is it that you enjoy so much out of life that creates an urge to live no matter what?

    Worst possible answer to that question? ‘Nothing’

  7. Point #4: Always settle. If nobody settles then everybody will always be competing with each other for the things they want. Then what do we have? Chaos (or as I like to call it: America). Is that what we really want?

    What I mean by tolerance is not the tolerance that everyone thinks of when I say that America is the land of tolerance (i.e. tolerance of race, religion, etc.) but the literal definition: the act of allowing something. In this context it would be the act of allowing something to remain in one’s life even though it may not be that person’s ultimate desire. America’s tolerance should know no bounds, and you know it.

    I am not trying to dramatically change anyone’s outlook on life. If people were to actually take my points about settling seriously, they are hopeless and should probably kill themselves.

    What if I think that everything is trivial in this short existence? What if I can’t be sure of what makes me want to live? Is there a problem there?

  8. Point #4: Striving for what we want will never create chaos. Even if everyone is competing at the same time. Competition is a way to strengthen the already existing. Competition is what makes our “chaotic” America so strong. Going off of Aaron, we have to ask what do what we really want to do with our short time here. What competition can do is strengthen whatever that may be, and when I think of settling it sounds like another word of giving up. As mentioned there is always more out there, and whether we are 19 or 80 the search will never end..never settle.

  9. To Settle or Not to Settle, that is the question…If you settle and are not completely satisfied, then there is this unfed hunger inside you that will not go away no matter what you do. If you are completly happy with what you have, and there is no beast inside begging for food, then by all means, settle. However, if you are not happy, and are trying to deny the hungry beast yearning to be free, you are only compromising yourself. That, above all things, is the worst thing imaginable. Compromising your beliefs is wrong, but compromising them for the sake of another is even worse! How can one cheat ones self out of their beliefs for another? To settle, one must be completely satisfied- then and only then will one be truly happy. Sure, one may decide to settle for something so-so, something mediocre and partially satisfying, but what good is it if you are left sitting there constanly wondering what else is out there? Go out and find it. If you do not find it, it may be then that you realize that what you had before may indeed be the perfection you have been searching for. Then, and only then will you realize that all along, that is what you have wanted. But do not deny or compromise yourself or your beliefs. To deny your innermost self is to deny your very own existence.

  10. Let me start by saying: damn you people write a lot and have a lot of free time! And yet, here I am, at 2:20am, unfortunately not wasted whatsoever (hmmm maybe tomorrow night…) and typing yet again to the same random philisophical statement/question. Let my try this point:

    Settling = Bordem

    Bordem = Blah

    Blah = Nothingness

    Nothingness = No point to live

    No point to live = Well, you know

    ~~~~~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Settling = No hope for something better

    No hope for something better = A form of unhappiness

    A form of unhappiness = Makes you want to not settle

    Alright so at this point, I’m sure if I’m making any sense any more, but whatever. And Mark, I think we should hang out this summer cuz I think we could have a great Friday or Saturday night…heh heh heh…anyway…Night all

  11. A little anecdote:
    I was a part of a math competition. Every person who played got a prize–yes, it was one of those competitions. So, they would show prizes and the first person who said they wanted it got the prize; they were all different. The first prize was this awesome ninja set consisting of brightly colored plastic “ninja” weapons. I should have taken it but didn’t say so fast enough. The next few prizes wer really lame (dollar store “Barbie(tm)” rip-off, ball-n-paddle)
    Then came the bubble set with different bubble wands. I thought to myself, “I’ve been holding out for a while now, there’s not many prizes left, I better get this one.” The next prize after mine was 100 marbles. Think of all the things I could do with 100 marbles. The bubbles will run out, but marbles last a lifetime.
    That’s what I get for settling.

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