How many licks does it take for me to learn macroeconomics?

You know, I debated whether or not I should go to class today. It is the last class day of the term, and I only have two classes. French is a no-brainer; I go because I like the atmosphere and the language and because it takes little effort. Macroeceonomics, however, while easy like French, is not quite as, shall we say, entertaining. I sit in that class and answer the questions in between short naps. I thought that since we weren’t actually going to be learning any new materials, I would simply not attend. That would have been cool, except that I wouldn’t actually get any sort of a break from not going except that I might have been able to eat lunch at ten o’clock instead of eleven-thirty, since I had work from eight o’clock until nine-thirty. I decided on a compromise: I would go to class, but I was not taking any of my materials. No notebooks, no books, not even a bookag. I’m sure glad I went. No, I didn’t learn anything, but Walker and I each won Tootsie Rolls by winning a round of macroeconomics study bingo. Is it sad that I’m glad that I went to class because I got candy out of it?

I’m so glad we’re still in third fucking grade, here.

4 thoughts on “How many licks does it take for me to learn macroeconomics?

  1. Dude, you could’ve stabbed Mary and done her part of our presentation for us. You were even dressed up for it!

  2. Candy? I think they need to start handing out dollar bills for winning that kind of crap. THEN I’d be excited. But hey, if candy’s what floats your boat, more power to ya.

    You economics class = my statistics class:

    A) Every person in my class is either a math major or a math minor
    B) Every person has also already taken at least 2 other math classes
    C) Every person went to high school for goodness sake

    YET – We have been learning mean, median and mode for 3 WEEKS YOU HERE ME, 3 FREAKIN WEEKS.

    I, Anna Lauren, have officially stopped taking any notes for a class, let alone paying ANY attention for the first time ever in my college career. I’m proud me. And I’m proud of you for getting your candy mister!!!

    “It’s so easy (it’s so easy) like takin candy, from a baby (w/ a PHD)…”



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