In like a lion…

I feel like at any moment I might see the little Morton Salt girl walking around. It has rained twice in the last three days, and when it has rained the sky has absolutely thrown itself upon the ground in the harshest way possible. (For those of you that know the Morton Salt tagline, the reference earlier will now make sense. If you didn’t know, look it up) I walked to work today in a rather fickle downpour, and I was soaked when I arrived for my shift. I believe, strangely enough, that precipitation has a sort of healing power to it (especially rain), and so I am inclined to think that I am ready to start a new term free of the shadows that I have been trying to shake for too long. I feel different, although I know that I am ultimately the same person that I have always been.

Spring break was, of course, not very springly, but then again what was I to expect of the last week of February…sunshine and daisies? Fuck no. Instead I got cold dry days, and once I woke up to a snow-covered ground. Some Spring break, let me tell you. It may not have been a week of beaches, or even warm weather, but it was still a break, and a much needed one at that. I got the most done that I have ever gotten done on a single Spring break, so I am proud of myself.

Some Spring break statistics:

Number of days of break: 9
Number of episodes of Gilmore Girls watched: 59
Episode-per-day average: 6.55
Episode length on average: 43 minutes
Total time invested: 42.28 Hours
Number of times I cried: I lost count ( > 10 )

That’s not even the sad part. The sad part is that I spent a lot of time and effort catching myself up to the current season, only to find out that the next new episode will not be aired until April eleventh. WTF.

At least I’ll get Prison Break back on the twentieth.

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